Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

The Shooting Menu: Shooting Options
Select On to reduce barrel distortion in 
photos taken with wide-angle lenses and 
to reduce pin-cushion distortion in 
photos taken with long lenses (note that 
the edges of the area visible in the 
viewfinder may be cropped out of the 
final photograph, and that the time 
needed to process photographs before recording begins may 
increase). This option does not apply to movies and is available 
only with type G, E, and D lenses (PC, fisheye, and certain other 
lenses excluded); results are not guaranteed with other lenses.
The color space determines the gamut of 
colors available for color reproduction. 
sRGB is recommended for movies and 
for general-purpose printing and display, 
Adobe RGB for professional publication 
and commercial printing.
Auto Distortion Control
G button
➜ C shooting menu
Color Space
G button
➜ C shooting menu
Adobe RGB
For accurate color reproduction, Adobe RGB images require 
applications, displays, and printers that support color management.
Color Space
ViewNX 2 (supplied) and Capture NX 2 (available separately) 
automatically select the correct color space when opening 
photographs created with this camera. Results can not be guaranteed 
with third-party software.