Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

The Shooting Menu: Shooting Options
Select On to reduce noise (bright spots, 
randomly-spaced bright pixels, lines, or 
fog). Noise reduction takes effect at all 
ISO sensitivities, but is most noticeable at higher values. The 
time required for processing at shutter speeds slower than 
about 1 s roughly doubles; during processing, “
l m” will 
flash in the viewfinder and photographs can not be taken. Noise 
reduction will not be performed if the camera is turned off 
before processing is complete.
If Off is selected, noise reduction will only be performed as 
required; the amount of noise reduction is less than that 
performed when On is selected.
Adjust ISO sensitivity (
Noise Reduction
G button
➜ C shooting menu
ISO Sensitivity Settings
G button
➜ C shooting menu