Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

The Setup Menu: Camera Setup
Acquire reference data for the Image Dust Off option in 
Capture NX 2 (available separately; for more information, see the 
Capture NX 2 manual).
Image Dust Off ref photo is available only when a CPU lens is 
mounted on the camera. A lens with a focal length of at least 
50 mm is recommended. When using a zoom lens, zoom all the 
way in.
Choose a start option.
Highlight one of the 
following options and press 
J. To exit without 
acquiring image dust off 
data, press 
• Start: The message shown at right 
will be displayed and “rEF” will 
appear in the viewfinder.
• Clean sensor and then start: Select this 
option to clean the image sensor 
before starting. The message shown 
at right will be displayed and “rEF” 
will appear in the viewfinder when 
cleaning is complete.
Image Dust Off Ref Photo
G button
➜ B setup menu
Image Sensor Cleaning
Image Dust Off reference data recorded before image sensor 
cleaning is performed can not be used with photographs taken 
after image sensor cleaning is performed. Select Clean sensor and 
then start
 only if the Image Dust Off reference data will not be 
used with existing photographs.