Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

The Setup Menu: Camera Setup
Reduce flicker and banding when shooting under fluorescent or 
mercury-vapor lighting during live view (
recording (
0 155). Choose Auto to allow the camera to 
automatically choose the correct frequency, or manually match 
the frequency to that of the local AC power supply.
Flicker Reduction
G button
➜ B setup menu
Flicker Reduction
If Auto fails to produce the desired results and you are unsure as to the 
frequency of the local power supply, test both options and choose the 
one that produces the best results. Flicker reduction may not produce 
the desired results if the subject is very bright, in which case you 
should select mode A or M and choose a smaller aperture (higher 
f-number) before starting live view. Note that flicker reduction is not 
available when On is selected for Movie settings > Manual movie 
0 159) in mode M.