Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

The Setup Menu: Camera Setup
File Names
Photographs are stored as image files with names of the form 
“,” where nnnn is a four-digit number between 0001 and 
9999 assigned automatically in ascending order by the camera, and 
xxx is one of the following three-letter extensions: “NEF” for NEF (RAW) 
images, “JPG” for JPEG images, or “MOV” for movies. The NEF and JPEG 
files recorded at a setting of NEF (RAW)+JPEG have the same file names 
but different extensions. Copies created with image overlay (
and movie edit options (
0 164) have file names beginning with 
“DSC_” ; copies created with the other options in the retouch menu 
have file names beginning with “CSC” (e.g., “CSC_0001.JPG”). Images 
recorded with the Color space option in the shooting menu set to 
Adobe RGB (
0 225) have names that begin with an underscore (e.g.,