Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

The Setup Menu: Camera Setup
❚❚ Date Counter
Pictures taken while this option is in 
effect are imprinted with the number of 
days remaining until a future date or the 
number of days elapsed since a past date. 
Use it to track the growth of a child or 
count down the days until a birthday or 
The camera offers three slots for storing dates.
Enter the first date.
The first time you select Date counter
you will be prompted to enter a date 
for the first slot. Enter a date using the 
multi selector and press 
J to exit to 
the date list.
Enter additional dates or edit 
existing dates.
To change a date or enter additional 
dates, highlight a slot, press 
2, and 
enter a date as described above.
Future date 
(two days remaining)
Past date 
(two days elapsed)
02 / 10 . 20 . 2013
02 / 10 . 20 . 2013
02 / 10 . 24 . 2013
02 / 10 . 24 . 2013