Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

The Setup Menu: Camera Setup
Create, rename, or delete folders, or choose the folder in which 
subsequent photographs will be stored.
• Select folder: Choose the folder in which subsequent 
photographs will be stored.
• New: Create a new folder and name it as described on page 
244. Folder names can be up to five characters long.
• Rename: Select a folder from the list and rename it as described 
on page 244.
• Delete: Delete all empty folders on the memory card.
Storage Folder
G button
➜ B setup menu
Folder Names 
On the memory card, folder names are preceded by a three-digit folder 
number assigned automatically by the camera (e.g., 100D3300). Each 
folder can contain up to 999 photographs. During shooting, pictures 
are stored in the highest-numbered folder with the selected name. If a 
photograph is taken when the current folder is full or contains a 
photograph numbered 9999, the camera will create a new folder by 
adding 1 to the current folder number (e.g., 101D3300). The camera 
treats folders with the same name but different folder numbers as the 
same folder. For example, if the folder NIKON is selected for Storage 
, photographs in all folders named NIKON (100NIKON, 
101NIKON, 102NIKON, etc.) will be visible when Current is selected for 
Playback folder (
0 220). Renaming changes all folders with the same 
name but leaves the folder numbers intact. Selecting Delete deletes 
empty numbered folders but leaves other folders with the same name 
Current folder
Other folders (in 
alphabetical order)
D3300 (default