Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

Technical Notes
Notes on the monitor
: The monitor is constructed with extremely high 
precision; at least 99.99% of pixels are effective, with no more than 0.01% 
being missing or defective. Hence while these displays may contain 
pixels that are always lit (white, red, blue, or green) or always off (black), 
this is not a malfunction and has no effect on images recorded with the 
Images in the monitor may be difficult to see in a bright light.
Do not apply pressure to the monitor, as this could cause damage or 
malfunction. Dust or lint on the monitor can be removed with a blower. 
Stains can be removed by wiping lightly with a soft cloth or chamois 
leather. Should the monitor break, care should be taken to avoid injury 
from broken glass and to prevent liquid crystal from the monitor 
touching the skin or entering the eyes and mouth.
: Moiré is an interference pattern created by the interaction of an 
image containing a regular, repeating grid, such as the pattern of weave 
in cloth or windows in a building, with the camera image sensor grid. If 
you notice moiré in your photographs, try changing the distance to the 
subject, zooming in and out, or changing the angle between the subject 
and the camera.