Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

330 Technical Notes
Shooting (All Modes)
Camera takes time to turn on
: Delete files or folders.
Shutter-release disabled
• Memory card is locked, full, or not inserted (
• Release locked is selected for Slot empty release lock (
0 253) and no 
memory card is inserted (
• Built-in flash is charging (
• Camera is not in focus (
• CPU lens with aperture ring attached but aperture not locked at 
highest f-number (
• Non-CPU lens is attached but camera is not in mode M (
Only one shot taken each time shutter-release button is pressed in continuous shooting 
: Continuous shooting is not available if built-in flash fires (
Final photo is larger than area shown in viewfinder
: Viewfinder horizontal and 
vertical frame coverage is approximately 95%.
Photos are out of focus
• AF-S or AF-I lens is not attached: use AF-S or AF-I lens or focus manually.
• Camera unable to focus using autofocus: use manual focus or focus 
lock (
• Camera is in manual focus mode: focus manually (
Focus does not lock when shutter-release button is pressed halfway
: Use 
A (L) 
button to lock focus when live view is off and AF-C is selected for focus 
mode or when photographing moving subjects in AF-A mode (
Can not select focus point
e (Auto-area AF0 78) is selected: choose another AF-area mode.
• Press shutter-release button halfway to start standby timer (
Can not select AF-area mode
: Manual focus selected (