Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

Technical Notes
AF-assist illuminator does not light:
AF-assist illuminator does not light if AF-C is selected for autofocus 
mode (
0 74) or if continuous-servo autofocus is selected when the 
camera is in AF-A mode. Choose AF-S. AF-assist is also not available 
f (3D-tracking (11 points)) is selected for AF-area mode; if 
single-point or dynamic-area AF is selected, select center focus point 
• The camera is currently in live view or a movie is being recorded.
• Off is selected for Built-in AF-assist illuminator (
• The AF-assist illuminator can not be used in some shooting modes 
• Illuminator has turned off automatically. Illuminator may become hot 
with continued use; wait for it to cool down.
Image size can not be changed
: An NEF (RAW) option is selected for image 
quality (
Camera is slow to record photos
• Depending on shooting conditions and memory card performance, 
access lamp may light for up to about a minute after shooting ends in 
continuous release mode.
• Turn noise reduction off (
Noise (bright spots, randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or lines) appear in photos
• Choose lower ISO sensitivity or turn noise reduction on (
• Shutter speed is slower than 1 s: use noise reduction (
• Turn Active D-Lighting off to avoid heightening the effects of noise 
No photo taken when remote control shutter-release button is pressed
• Replace battery in remote control (
• Choose remote control release mode (
• Flash is charging (
• Time selected for Remote on duration (ML-L3) (
• Bright light is interfering with ML-L3 remote control.