Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

332 Technical Notes
Beep does not sound
• Off is selected for Beep (
• Camera is in quiet shutter-release mode (
0 70), or movie is being 
recorded (
• MF or AF-C is selected as the focus mode or subject moves when AF-A is 
selected (
Smudges appear in photographs
: Clean front and rear lens elements. If 
problem persists, perform image sensor cleaning (
Date is not imprinted on photos
: An NEF (RAW) option is selected for image 
quality (
Sound is not recorded with movies
Microphone off is selected for Movie 
settings > Microphone (
Flicker or banding appears during live view or movie recording
: Choose an option 
for Flicker reduction that matches the frequency of the local AC power 
supply (
Menu item can not be selected
: Some options are not available in all modes.