Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

Technical Notes
Shooting (P, S, A, M)
Shutter-release disabled
• Non-CPU lens is attached: rotate camera mode dial to M (
• Mode dial rotated to S after shutter speed of “Bulb” or “Time” selected 
in mode M: choose new shutter speed (
Full range of shutter speeds not available
• Flash in use (
• When On is selected for Movie settings > Manual movie settings in 
the shooting menu, the range of available shutter speed varies with the 
frame rate (
Can not select desired aperture
: Range of available apertures varies with lens 
Colors are unnatural
• Adjust white balance to match light source (
• Adjust Set Picture Control settings (
Can not measure white balance
: Subject is too dark or too bright (
Image can not be selected as source for preset white balance
: Image was not 
created with D3300 (
Effects of Picture Control differ from image to image
A (auto) is selected for 
sharpening, contrast, or saturation. For consistent results over a series of 
photos, choose another setting (
Metering can not be changed
: Autoexposure lock is in effect (
Exposure compensation can not be used
: Choose mode PS, or A (
Noise (reddish areas or other artifacts) appears in long time-exposures
: Turn noise 
reduction on (