Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

334 Technical Notes
NEF (RAW) image is not played back
: Photo was taken at image quality of NEF 
Some pictures are not displayed during playback
: Select All for Playback folder
Note that Current is automatically selected after photograph is taken 
“Tall” (portrait) orientation photos are displayed in “wide” (landscape) orientation
• Select On for Rotate tall (
• Photo was taken with Off selected for Auto image rotation (
• Photo is displayed in image review (
• Camera was pointed up or down when photo was taken (
Can not delete picture
• Picture is protected: remove protection (
• Memory card is locked (
Can not retouch picture
: Photo can not be further edited with this camera 
Can not change print order
• Memory card is full: delete pictures (
• Memory card is locked (
Can not select photo for printing
: Photo is in NEF (RAW) format. Create JPEG 
copy using NEF (RAW) processing or transfer to computer and print 
using supplied software or Capture NX 2 (