Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

24 Introduction
Detaching the Lens
Be sure the camera is off when removing or 
exchanging lenses. To remove the lens, 
press and hold the lens release button (q) 
while turning the lens clockwise (w). After 
removing the lens, replace the lens caps and 
camera body cap.
Retracting Lenses with Retractable Lens Barrel Buttons
To retract the lens when the camera is not in 
use, hold the retractable lens barrel button 
(q) and rotate the zoom ring to the “L” (lock) 
position as shown (w). Retract the lens 
before removing it from the camera, and be 
careful not to press the retractable lens 
barrel button when attaching or removing 
the lens.
The Camera Clock
The camera clock is less accurate than most watches and household 
clocks. Check the clock regularly against more accurate time pieces 
and reset as necessary.
The Clock Battery
The camera clock is powered by an independent, rechargeable power 
source, which is charged as necessary when the main battery is 
installed. Three days of charging will power the clock for about a 
month. If a message warning that the clock is not set is displayed 
when the camera is turned on, the clock battery is exhausted and the 
clock has been reset. Set the clock to the correct time and date.