Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

“Point-and-Shoot” Modes (
and j)
The Standby Timer
The viewfinder and information display will turn off if no 
operations are performed for about eight seconds, 
reducing the drain on the battery. Press the shutter-
release button halfway to reactivate the display. The 
length of time before the standby timer expires 
automatically can be selected using the Auto off timers option in the 
setup menu (
Exposure meters off
Exposure meters on
The Built-in Flash
If additional lighting is required for correct 
exposure in 
i mode, the built-in flash will 
pop up automatically when the shutter-
release button is pressed halfway (
0 89). If 
the flash is raised, photographs can only be 
taken when the flash-ready indicator (
M) is 
displayed. If the flash-ready indicator is not 
displayed, the flash is charging; remove your 
finger briefly from the shutter-release 
button and try again.
When the flash is not in use, return it to its 
closed position by pressing it gently 
downward till the latch clicks into place.