Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

Special Effects
Panorama size can be selected using the Image size item in the 
shooting menu; choose from Normal panorama and Wide panorama 
0 88). An error message will be displayed if the camera is panned too 
quickly or unsteadily. Note that because panoramas are composed of 
multiple images, the joins between images may be visible and the 
desired results may not be achieved with moving subjects or with 
neon lights or other subjects that exhibit rapid changes in color or 
brightness, subjects that are too close to the camera, poorly-lit 
subjects, and subjects such as the sky or sea that are a solid color or 
contain simple repeating patterns.
Exposure compensation (
0 118) can be used to adjust exposure by up 
to ±3 EV in steps of 
EV. Adjust exposure compensation after starting 
live view in Step 1.
The completed panorama will be slightly smaller than the area visible 
in the display during shooting.  No panorama will be recorded if 
shooting ends before the halfway point; if shooting ends after the 
halfway point but before the panorama is complete, the unrecorded 
portion will be shown in gray. Dates can not be imprinted on 
panoramas (