Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

The Shooting Menu
White balance can be selected using the White balance option in 
the shooting menu (0 148), which also can be used to fine-tune 
white balance (0 98) or measure a value for preset white balance 
(0 99).
Fluorescent option in the White balance menu can be used 
to select the light source from the bulb types shown at right.
Color Temperature
The perceived color of a light source varies with the viewer and other conditions. Color 
temperature is an objective measure of the color of a light source, defined with reference to 
the temperature to which an object would have to be heated to radiate light in the same 
wavelengths. While light sources with a color temperature in the neighborhood of 5,000–
5,500 K appear white, light sources with a lower color temperature, such as incandescent 
light bulbs, appear slightly yellow or red. Light sources with a higher color temperature 
appear tinged with blue. The camera white balance options are adapted to the following 
color temperatures:
I (sodium-vapor lamps): 2,700 K
J (incandescent)/
I (warm-white fluorescent): 3,000 K
I (white fluorescent): 3,700 K
I (cool-white fluorescent): 4,200 K
I (day white fluorescent): 5,000 K
H (direct sunlight): 5,200 K
N (flash): 5,400 K
G (cloudy): 6,000 K
I (daylight fluorescent): 6,500 K
I (high temp. mercury-vapor): 7,200 K
M (shade): 8,000 K
The Fn Button
For information on using the Fn (
E) button and the command dial for white balance, see 
page 0 163.