Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

Frame a photograph, focus, and shoot.
AE bracketing
: The camera will vary exposure 
with each shot. The first shot will be taken at 
the value currently selected for exposure compensation. The bracketing 
increment will be subtracted from the current value in the second shot and 
added in the third shot, “bracketing” the current value. The modified values can 
be higher or lower than the maximum and minimum values for exposure 
compensation and are reflected in the values shown for shutter speed and 
aperture. Bracketing ends automatically after the third shot is taken.
WB bracketing
: Each shot is processed to create three copies, one at the current 
white balance setting, one with increased amber, and one with increased blue.
If there is not enough space available on the 
memory card to record three images, the 
exposure count display in the viewfinder will 
flash. Shooting can begin when a new 
memory card is inserted.
ADL bracketing
: The first shot after bracketing is activated is taken with Active 
D-Lighting off, the second at the current Active D-Lighting setting (0 94; if 
Active D-Lighting is off, the second shot will be taken with Active D-Lighting set 
to Auto). Bracketing ends automatically after the second shot. 
In continuous release mode, shooting will pause after each bracketing cycle. If the 
camera is turned off before all shots in the bracketing sequence have been taken, 
bracketing will resume from the next shot in the sequence when the camera is 
turned on. To cancel bracketing before all frames have been recorded, rotate the 
mode dial to a setting other than PSA, or M.
1st shot: unmodified
2nd shot: exposure reduced
3rd shot: exposure increased
The Bracketing Progress Indicator
During AE bracketing, progress is shown by the bracketing 
indicator in the information display:
v: Camera ready to take first shot.
w: Camera ready to take second shot.
x: Camera ready to take third shot.