Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

Sharing Custom Picture Controls
Custom Picture Controls created using the Picture Control Utility available with 
ViewNX or optional software such as Capture NX 2 can be copied to a memory card 
and loaded into the camera, or custom Picture Controls created with the camera can 
be copied to the memory card to be used in compatible cameras and software and 
then deleted when no longer needed.
To copy custom Picture Controls to or from the 
memory card, or to delete Custom Picture Controls 
from the memory card, highlight Load/Save in the 
Manage Picture Control menu and press 2. The 
following options will be displayed:
• Copy to camera: Copy custom Picture Controls from 
the memory card to custom Picture Controls C-1 
through C-9 on the camera and name them as 
• Delete from card: Delete selected custom Picture 
Controls from the memory card. The confirmation 
dialog shown at right will be displayed before a 
Picture Control is deleted; to delete the selected 
Picture Control, highlight Yes and press 
• Copy to card: Copy a custom Picture Control (C-1 
through C-9) from the camera to a selected 
destination (1 through 99) on the memory card.
Saving Custom Picture Controls
Up to 99 custom Picture Controls can be stored on the memory card at any one time. The 
memory card can only be used to store user-created custom Picture Controls. The preset 
Picture Controls supplied with the camera (StandardNeutralVividMonochrome
Portrait, and Landscape) can not be copied to the memory card, renamed, or deleted.