Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

• No part of the manuals included with this 
product may be reproduced, transmitted, 
transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or 
translated into any language in any form, 
by any means, without Nikon’s prior 
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• Nikon reserves the right to change the 
specifications of the hardware and 
software described in these manuals at any 
time and without prior notice.
• Nikon will not be held liable for any 
damages resulting from the use of this 
• While every effort has been made to 
ensure that the information in these 
manuals is accurate and complete, we 
would appreciate it were you to bring any 
errors or omissions to the attention of the 
Nikon representative in your area (address 
provided separately).
Notices for Customers in the U.S.A.
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Frequency Interference Statement
This equipment has been tested and found to 
comply with the limits for a Class B digital 
device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules.
These limits are designed to provide 
reasonable protection against harmful 
interference in a residential installation.
equipment generates, uses, and can radiate 
radio frequency energy and, if not installed 
and used in accordance with the instructions, 
may cause harmful interference to radio 
However, there is no 
guarantee that interference will not occur in a 
particular installation.
If this equipment does 
cause harmful interference to radio or 
television reception, which can be 
determined by turning the equipment off 
and on, the user is encouraged to try to 
correct the interference by one or more of the 
following measures:
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
• Increase the separation between the 
equipment and receiver.
• Connect the equipment into an outlet on a 
circuit different from that to which the 
receiver is connected.
• Consult the dealer or an experienced 
radio/television technician for help.
The FCC requires the user be notified that any 
changes or modifications made to this device 
that are not expressly approved by Nikon 
Corporation may void the user’s authority to 
operate the equipment.
Interface Cables
Use the interface cables sold or provided by 
Nikon for your equipment.
Using other 
interface cables may exceed the limits of 
Class B Part 15 of the FCC rules.
Notice for Customers in the State of California
: Handling the cord on this product 
may expose you to lead, a chemical known to 
the State of California to cause birth defects 
or other reproductive harm.
Wash hands after 
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