Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

Select imprint options.
Highlight the following options and press 2 
to toggle the highlighted option on or off (to 
complete the print order without including 
this information, proceed to Step 5).
• Data imprint: Print shutter speed and 
aperture on all pictures in print order.
• Imprint date: Print date of recording on all pictures in print order.
Complete the print order.
Highlight Done and press 
J to complete 
the print order.
Print Set (DPOF)
To print the current print order when the camera is connected to a PictBridge printer, select 
Print (DPOF) in the PictBridge menu and follow the steps in “Printing Multiple Pictures” to 
modify and print the current order (0 139). DPOF date and data imprint options are not 
supported when printing via direct USB connection; to print the date of recording on 
photographs in the current print order, use the PictBridge Time stamp option.
The Print set (DPOF) option can not be used if there is not enough space on the memory 
card to store the print order.
NEF (RAW) photographs (0 62) can not be selected using this option. JPEG copies of NEF 
(RAW) images can be created using the NEF (RAW) processing option in the retouch menu 
(0 184).
Print orders may not print correctly if images are deleted using a computer or other device 
after the print order is created.