Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

If High (high pitch) or Low (low pitch) is selected, a beep will 
sound at the selected pitch when the camera focuses in single-
servo AF (AF-S or when shooting stationary subjects in AF-A 
focus mode), while the release timer is counting down in self-
timer and delayed remote modes (0 65, 67), or when a 
photograph is taken in quick-response remote mode (0 67). 
The beep will not sound when Off is selected;  note that in 
v (quiet shutter-release mode), Beep is not available and a 
beep does not sound when the camera focuses.
The current setting is shown in the information display: 
3 is 
displayed when the beep is on, 
2 when it is off.
Choose On to display on-demand grid lines in the viewfinder for 
reference when composing photographs.
Choose On to show the current ISO sensitivity setting in the 
frame count displays in the viewfinder.
d: Shooting/Display
d1: Beep
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
d2: Viewfinder Grid Display
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
d3: ISO Display
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu