Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

When a photograph is taken, the camera names the file by adding one to the last file 
number used. This option controls whether file numbering continues from the last 
number used when a new folder is created, the memory card is formatted, or a new 
memory card is inserted in the camera.
At the default setting of Off, shutter is released when the shutter-release button is 
pressed. In situations where the slightest camera movement can blur pictures, On 
can be selected to delay shutter release until about 1 s after the shutter-release 
button is pressed and the mirror is raised.
d4: File Number Sequence
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
When a new folder is created, the memory card formatted, or a new memory card 
inserted in the camera, file numbering continues from the last number used or 
from the largest file number in the current folder, whichever is higher. If a 
photograph is taken when the current folder contains a photograph numbered 
9999, a new folder will be created automatically and file numbering will begin 
again from 0001.
File numbering is reset to 0001 when a new folder is created, the memory card is 
formatted, or a new memory card is inserted in the camera. Note that a new 
folder is created automatically if a photograph is taken when the current folder 
contains 999 photographs.
Same as for On, except that the next photograph taken is assigned a file number 
by adding one to the largest file number in the current folder. If the folder is 
empty, file numbering is reset to 0001.
File Number Sequence
If the current folder is numbered 999 and contains either 999 photographs or a photograph 
numbered 9999, the shutter-release button will be disabled and no further photographs can 
be taken. Choose Reset for Custom Setting d4 and then either format the current memory 
card or insert a new memory card.
d5: Exposure Delay Mode
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu