Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

This option is displayed only when an Eye-Fi memory card (available separately from 
third-party suppliers) is inserted in the camera. Choose Enable to upload 
photographs to a preselected destination. Note that pictures will not be uploaded if 
signal strength is insufficient.
Observe all local laws concerning wireless devices and choose Disable where 
wireless devices are prohibited.
When an Eye-Fi card is inserted, its status is indicated by an icon 
in the information display:
6: Eye-Fi upload disabled.
7: Eye-Fi upload enabled but no pictures available for upload.
8 (static): Eye-Fi upload enabled; waiting to begin upload.
8 (animated): Eye-Fi upload enabled; uploading data.
!: Disable selected for Eye-Fi upload but camera unable to turn card off; see 
“Eye-Fi Cards,” below.
View the current camera firmware version.
Eye-Fi Upload
G button
➜ B setup menu
Eye-Fi Cards
Eye-Fi cards may emit wireless signals when Disable is selected. If a warning is displayed in 
the monitor (0 222), turn the camera off and remove the card.
The camera can be used to turn Eye-Fi cards on and off, but may not support other Eye-Fi 
functions. Any support inquires should be directed to the manufacturer.
Supported Eye-Fi Cards
As of March 2009, the following 2 GB Eye-Fi cards can be used: Eye-Fi Card, Eye-Fi Home, 
Eye-Fi Share, and Eye-Fi Explore. Eye-Fi cards are for use only in the country of purchase.
Firmware Version
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