Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

❚❚Changing Settings in the Information Display
To change settings for the items listed in the 
information display, press the 
P button. 
Highlight items using the multi selector and press 
J to view options for the highlighted item. Some 
items can also be adjusted using the command 
dial and camera buttons (0 10).
The Shutter-Speed and Aperture Displays
These displays provide visual indications of shutter speed and aperture.
Fast shutter speed, large
aperture (small f-number).
Slow shutter speed, small
aperture (large f-number).
While the mode dial is rotated, this display is replaced by an image of the mode dial.
Turning the Monitor Off
To clear information from the display, press the 
R button again. Note that the monitor turns 
off automatically while the shutter-release is pressed or if no operations are performed for 
8 s (the default value). The information display can be restored by pressing the 
R button.
See Also
For information on choosing how long the monitor stays on, see Custom Setting c2 (Auto 
off timers
, 0 157). For information on choosing a design for the information display, see 
Info display format, (0 166). For information on choosing whether information is 
displayed when the shutter-release button is pressed; see Auto information display 
(0 168). For information on choosing whether the cursor in the information display “wraps 
around,” see Info wrap-around (0 168).
P button