Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

Step 5: Shoot
Smoothly press the shutter-release button the rest of 
the way down to release the shutter and record the 
photograph. The access lamp next to the memory 
card slot cover will light and the photograph will be 
displayed in the monitor for a few seconds (to resume 
shooting before the photograph clears from the 
display, press the shutter-release button halfway). Do 
not eject the memory card or remove or disconnect the 
power source until the lamp has gone out and recording 
is complete
The Shutter-Release Button
The camera has a two-stage shutter-release button. The camera focuses when the shutter-
release button is pressed halfway. To take the photograph, press the shutter-release button 
the rest of the way down.
The Built-in Flash
If additional lighting is required for correct exposure in 
i mode, the 
built-in flash will pop up automatically when the shutter-release 
button is pressed halfway. If the flash is raised, photographs can only 
be taken when the flash-ready indicator (
M) is displayed. If the flash-
ready indicator is not displayed, the flash is charging; remove your 
finger briefly from the shutter-release button and try again.
To save battery power when the flash is not in use, return it to its 
closed position by pressing it gently downward till the latch clicks 
into place.
Using the Flash
For more information on using the flash, see page 70.
Access lamp