Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

Take the photograph.
Self-timer mode
: Press the shutter-
release button halfway to focus, and 
then press the button the rest of the 
way down to start the self-timer. The 
self-timer lamp will start to blink and a 
beep will begin to sound. Two 
seconds before the photograph is 
taken, the self-timer lamp will stop 
blinking and the beeping will become 
more rapid. The shutter will be 
released about ten seconds after the 
timer starts.
The timer will not start if the camera is unable to focus or in other situations in 
which the shutter can not be released.
Delayed remote and quick response modes
From a distance of 5 m (16 ft.) or less, 
aim the transmitter on the ML-L3 at 
the infrared receiver on the camera 
and press the shutter-release button 
on the ML-L3. In delayed remote 
mode, the self-timer lamp will light for 
about two seconds before the shutter 
is released. In quick-response remote 
mode, the self-timer lamp will flash 
after the shutter has been released. No 
picture will be taken if the camera is 
unable to focus or in other situations 
in which the shutter can not be released.
If no operations are performed for about a minute after selecting delayed 
remote or quick-response remote modes, the camera will automatically return 
to single frame, continuous, or quiet shutter-release mode, cancelling remote 
control mode.
Turning the camera off cancels self-timer and remote release modes and restores 
single frame, continuous, or quiet shutter-release mode.