Nikon 1546 User Manual (en)

Before Using the Remote Control 
Before using the remote control for the first time, remove the clear plastic battery insulator 
Using the Built-in Flash 
Before taking a photograph with the flash in PSAM, or 
0 modes, press the M button to raise 
the flash and wait for the 
M indicator to be displayed in the viewfinder (0 70). Shooting will 
be interrupted if the flash is raised after the self-timer or delayed remote timer has started.
In auto or scene modes in which the flash pops up automatically, the flash will begin 
charging when delayed remote or quick-response remote mode is selected; once the flash is 
charged, it will automatically pop up and fire if required when the shutter-release button on 
the ML-L3 is pressed. The camera will only respond to the shutter-release button on the 
ML-L3 once the flash has charged. Only one photograph will be taken when the flash is used, 
regardless of the number of shots selected for Custom Setting c3 (Self-timer, 0 157).
In flash modes that support red-eye reduction, the red-eye reduction lamp will light for 
about one second before the shutter is released. In delayed remote mode, the self-timer 
lamp will light for two seconds, followed by the red-eye reduction lamp, which lights for one 
second before the shutter is released to reduce red-eye.
E Button
Self-timer mode can also be selected by pressing the 
E button (0 163).
See Also
For information on changing the duration of the self-timer and choosing the number of 
shots taken, see Custom Setting c3 (Self-timer, 0 157). For information on choosing the 
length of time the camera will remain in standby mode before remote control mode is 
cancelled, see Custom Setting c4 (Remote on duration, 0 157). For information on 
controlling the beeps that sound when the self-timer and remote control are used, see 
Custom Setting d1 (Beep, 0 158).
E button