Canon S330 User Manual (en)

• Canceling Printing
Press the 
 button to stop printing. A confirmation
message will display. Use the   or   button to select [OK]
and press the 
• Direct Print Function Compatible Printers
A print in progress cannot be stopped. The printer will
stop after the current print is complete and the camera
will display its replay screen at that point.
• BJ Printers
The printer will stop printing the current image and
eject the paper.
• Printing Errors
An error message will display if an error occurs while
printing (pp. 135, 136). Use the   or   button to select
[Stop] or [Resume] and press the 
 button. (With a BJ
printer, the print will automatically restart if the error is
• Direct Print Function Compatible Printers
The Resume option may not appear with some types of
error. In that case, select Stop.
• BJ Printers
The type of error will determine whether the Continue
or Stop options appear. An error number will appear on
the BJ printer’s operation panel. See the printer’s user
guide for the recommended course of action for each
error type.
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