Canon S330 User Manual (en)

• Press the 
 button to finish the
• Practically all of the image area is
printed on Bordered prints.
• With borderless or multiple prints, the
center portion of the image (as shown
in the LCD monitor) is slightly enlarged
to fill the space. Consequently, the top,
bottom and sides of the image may be
cropped slightly.
• The date settings are overridden by the DPOF print settings
if you are using them to print (p. 111).
• If you are using a direct print function compatible printer,
the date and borders settings cannot be selected when the
Multiple option is selected. (Images are printed without a
date or border.)
Setting the Printing Area
You can select between the following three options to set the printing
area for an image.
• Set the print style (image, borders, date, etc.) before setting
the printing area (p. 103).
• The printing area can be set when the [Borderless] and
[Multiple] options have been selected.
• The printing area may shift right or left if the paper size is set
to L or the image setting in the print style is set to Multiple.
Prints the upper portion of the image.
Prints the center portion of the image.
Prints the lower portion of the image.
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