Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Read This First
• Do not allow the equipment to come into contact with, or become
immersed in, water or other liquids. Do not allow liquids to enter the
interior. The camera has not been waterproofed. If the exterior comes
into contact with liquids or salt air, wipe it dry with a soft, absorbent
cloth. If water or other foreign substances enter the interior, immedi-
ately turn the camera’s power off and remove the camera battery or
unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. Continued use of the
equipment may result in fire or electrical shock. Please consult your
camera distributor or the closest Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
• Do not use substances containing alcohol, benzene, thinner or other
flammable substances to clean or maintain the equipment. The use of
these substances may lead to fire.
• Remove the power cord on a regular periodic basis and wipe away the
dust and dirt that collects on the plug, the exterior of the electrical
outlet and the surround area. In dusty, humid or greasy environments,
the dust that collects around the plug over long periods of time may
become saturated with humidity and short-circuit, leading to fire.
• Do not cut, damage, alter or place heavy items on the power adapter
cord. Any of these actions may cause an electrical short circuit, which
may lead to fire or electrical shock.
• Do not handle the power cord if your hands are wet. Handling it with
wet hands may lead to electrical shock. When unplugging the cord,
ensure that you hold the solid portion of the plug. Pulling on the
flexible portion of the cord may damage or expose the wire and
insulation, creating the potential for fires or electrical shocks.
• Use of power sources not expressly recommended for this equipment
may lead to overheating, distortion of the equipment, fire, electrical
shock or other hazards. Use only the recommended power accessories.
• Do not place the batteries near a heat source or expose them to direct
flame or heat. Neither should you immerse them in water. Such
exposure may damage the batteries and lead to the leakage of
corrosive liquids, fire, electrical shock, explosion or serious injury.
• Do not attempt to disassemble, alter or apply heat to the batteries.
There is serious risk of injury due to an explosion. Immediately flush
with water any area of the body - including the eyes and mouth, or
clothing - that comes into contact with the inner contents of a battery.
If the eyes or mouth contact these substances, immediately flush with
water and seek medical assistance.
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