Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Single Images
• As shown below, selection methods
differ according to the options chosen
for the 
 (Print Type) settings (p. 111).
 (Standard) /
• Use the   or   button to select an
image and the 
 button to
select the number of print copies (up to
maximum of 99).
• Use the   or   button to move to an
image and the 
 button to
select or deselect it. A checkmark
displays on selected images.
• You can use the same procedures to
select images in index view (3 images).
Press the 
 button to switch between
single image view and index view.
• Press the 
 button repeatedly until
the replay screen reappears to complete
the procedure.
Number of Print Copies
Selected for
an Index Print
2/25/02, 2:54 PM