Canon S330 User Manual (en)

All the Images on a CF Card
• Switch to index view (3 images).
• Use the 
 button to select
[Mark all].
• Selecting [Mark all] selects all of the
card’s images.
• Press the 
 button to set the number
of print copies to 1 for each image.
• When the print type is set to Standard
or Both, the number of print copies can
be set individually for each image.
When Index is selected, the print
settings can be deleted (p. 108).
• Press the 
 button repeatedly until
the replay screen reappears to complete
the procedure.
• The 
 symbol will display on images that have had print
settings set by other DPOF-compliant cameras. These
settings will be overwritten by those set by your camera.
• The output of some printers or photo developing services
may not reflect the specified print settings.
• Print settings cannot be set for movie images.
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