Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Image Transmission Settings
(DPOF Transfer Order)
You can use the camera to specify settings for images that you wish to
send by email. Please use the software supplied with the camera to
actually transfer the images to an email program. The settings used on
the camera comply with the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) standards.
• The 
 symbol will display on images that have had print
settings set by other DPOF-compliant cameras. These
settings will be overwritten by those set by your camera.
Selecting Images for Transferring
• See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 37).
• The Transfer Order menu will display.
• Use the   or   button to select [Order].
• Pressing [Reset] cancels the transfer
settings for all images on the CF card.
In the 
 (Play) menu,
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