Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Image Transmission Settings (DPOF Transfer Order)
• Use the   or   button to move to an
image and the 
 button to
select or deselect it. A checkmark
displays on selected images.
• You can press the 
 button to switch
to the index mode (3 images) and use
the same procedures to select images.
• While in index view, you can select all
of the images by pressing the 
button, using the 
 button to
select [Mark all] and pressing the 
button again.
• Press the 
 button to complete the
transfer settings and redisplay the
Transfer Order menu.
• Images are transferred in order from oldest to newest by
the shooting date.
• A maximum of 998 images can be selected per CF card.
• Transfer settings can also be assigned to images with the
supplied software programs on a computer.
Selected for Transfer
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