Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Read This First
• Avoid dropping or subjecting the batteries to severe impacts that could
damage the casings. It could lead to leakage and injury.
• Do not short-circuit the battery terminals with metallic objects, such as
key holders. It could lead to overheating, burns and other injuries. Use
the supplied terminal cover or battery case to transport or store the
battery pack.
• Before you discard a battery, cover the terminals with tape or other
insulators to prevent direct contact with other objects. Contact with
the metallic components of other materials in waste containers may
lead to fire or explosions. Discard the batteries in specialized waste
facilities if available in your area.
• Use of batteries not expressly recommended for this equipment may
cause explosions or leaks, resulting in fire, injury and damage to the
surroundings. Use only recommended batteries and accessories.
• Use the specified battery charger to charge Battery Pack NB-1LH or
NB-1L. Use of other chargers may lead to overheating, distortion of
the equipment, fire or electrical shock.
• Disconnect the battery charger and compact power adapter from both
the camera and the electrical outlet after recharging and when they are
not in use to avoid fire and other hazards. Continuous use over a long
period may cause a unit to overheat and distort, resulting in fire.
• The camera terminal of the supplied compact power cord is designed
for exclusive use with your camera. Do not use it with other products
or batteries. There is a risk of fire and other hazards.
• Avoid using, placing or storing the equipment in places subject to
strong sunlight or high temperatures, such as the dashboard or trunk
(boot) of a car. Exposure to intense sunlight and heat may cause the
batteries to leak, overheat or explode, resulting in fire, burns or other
injuries. High temperatures may also cause deformation of the casing.
Ensure that there is good ventilation when using the compact power
adapter to charge the battery pack or power the camera.
• Do not store the equipment in humid or dusty areas. Storage in such
areas could lead to fire, electrical shock or other damage.
• Be careful not to bang the camera or subject it to strong impacts or
shocks that could lead to injury or damage the equipment when
wearing or holding it by the strap.
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