Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Downloading Images to a Computer
Download images taken with the camera to a computer in one of the
following ways:
• Directly from the CF card.
• Connecting the camera to a computer with the USB cable.
After installing the supplied software, download images
automatically by simply connecting the camera to a computer with
the supplied USB cable.
- For information about system requirements and for more details
about how to download images, refer to the Software Starter Guide.
Downloading Directly from a CF Card
Images can be loaded directly from a CF card if you have a slot-
equipped notebook computer, a PC card reader or a CF card reader.
Eject the CF card from the camera and insert it into a CF card
reader connected to the computer.
If you are using a PC card reader, first insert the CF card into a PC
card adapter (optional), and then insert the PC card adapter into
the computer’s PC card reader.
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