Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Using a Car Battery Charger 
Car Battery Charger CBC-NB1 (sold separately) can be used to charge
battery packs from an automobile’s cigarette lighter socket.
• Always ensure that the automobile’s engine is running
when you use the car battery charger. Use of it with the
engine off may flatten the battery in some automobiles.
Always unplug the car battery charger before turning off
the engine.
• With the engine running, plug the car
battery cable into the cigarette lighter
socket and the battery charger.
• Insert the battery pack all the way into
the battery charger as shown.
• The charging indicator will shine red
while the battery pack is charging. It
will change to green when the charge
is complete.
• After charging, unplug the car battery
cable from the cigarette lighter socket
and remove the battery pack.
• The battery will stop charging whenever you turn the
engine off, so be sure to unplug the car battery cable from
the cigarette lighter socket.
• Wait until the engine is running again to plug the car
battery cable into the cigarette lighter socket.
• The car battery charger can only be used in a negative
ground car. It cannot be used in a positive ground car.
To the cigarette
lighter socket
Charging Indicator
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