Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Components Guide
Front View
Shutter Button (p. 34)
Optical Viewfinder Window (p. 33)
AF-assist Beam (p. 35)
Red-Eye Reduction Lamp (p. 50)
Self-Timer Lamp (p. 54)
Flash (p. 49)
A / V OUT (Audio/Video
Out) Terminal (p. 118)
Terminal Cover
Digital Terminal
 (pp. 99, 100, 120)
• The following cables are used to connect the camera to a
computer or printer.
- Computer (p. 120)
USB Interface Cable IFC-300PCU (supplied with camera)
- Direct Print Function compliant printer (sold separately) (p. 98)
Direct Interface Cable DIF-100 (supplied with printer)
- Direct Print Function compliant Bubble Jet Printer
(sold separately) (p. 99)
Please refer to your Bubble Jet Printer Quick Start Guide)
Please refer to the System Map supplied with the camera for direct
print function compatible printers.
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