Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Components Guide
Mode Dial
The mode dial is used to select shooting or replay modes.
Shooting Modes
• The camera selects most settings automatically (p. 45).
• You can set the exposure compensation, white balance and other
settings manually (p. 45).
 (Stitch Assist)
• Shoot images in overlapping series to create panoramas (p. 55).
• Shoot movie clips (p. 58).
Replay Mode
• Images recorded onto the CF card can be replayed or erased
(pp. 78, 91).
• Recorded images can be printed when a printer (sold separately) is
connected (p. 94).
• Images can be downloaded to and viewed on a computer when it
is connected (p. 119).
• The 
 icon displays on the LCD monitor when a
connection to a printer is opened.
• The LCD monitor shuts off while a computer is connected.
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