Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Preparing the Camera
Charging the Battery Pack
Use the following procedures to charge the battery pack the first time you
use the camera or when the “Change the battery pack” message displays.
Battery charger model names and types vary by region.
• Insert the battery pack all the way into the battery charger as shown
and insert the charger’s plug into an electrical outlet.
• Align the battery pack correctly with the arrows on it and the charger.
• The charging indicator will shine red while the battery pack is
charging. It will change to green when the charge is complete.
• After charging, unplug the battery charger and remove the battery pack.
• To protect the battery pack and prolong its life, do not
charge it for longer than 24 hours continuously.
• Since this is a lithium ion battery pack, you need not completely
discharge it before recharging. It can be recharged at any point.
• It takes approximately 130 minutes to fully charge the battery
pack from a fully discharged state (based on standard Canon
testing criteria). Please charge it at an ambient temperature
ranging between 5º and 40º C (41º and 104º F).
• Charge times may vary according to the ambient temperature
and the battery pack’s charge state.
• See Battery Capacity (p. 146).
Charging Indicator
Charging Indicator
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