Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Preparing the Camera
Installing the Battery Pack
Install Battery Pack NB-1LH (supplied) as shown below. Battery Pack
NB-1L (optional) can also be used with the camera.
• Please recharge the battery pack (p. 19) before you use it
for the first time.
• Slide the battery cover in the direction
of the arrows.
• Press the battery lock while inserting
the battery pack all the way in until the
lock clicks.
• Insert the battery pack correctly by
aligning the arrows on the camera and
the battery pack.
• To remove the battery pack, press the
battery lock and pull the battery pack out.
• Slide the battery cover closed.
• Do not turn off the power or open the battery cover while the
camera’s indicator flashes green. The camera is writing, reading,
erasing or transmitting an image to or from the CF card.
• Remove the battery pack when the camera is not in use.
Please note, however, that the date, time and other camera
settings may reset to the default settings if the battery pack
has been removed for more than three weeks.
Battery Lock
2/25/02, 2:44 PM