Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Preparing the Camera
Setting the Date and Time
The Set Date / Time menu will appear the first time the camera power is
turned on or whenever the built-in rechargeable lithium battery charge
is low. Start from Step 3 to set the date and time.
• Press the ON/OFF Button until the
power lamp lights.
• Press the 
 button to display the
Rec. or Play menu.
• Use the   or   button to select the
 (Set up) menu.
• Use the 
 button to select 
• Use the   or   button to select a field
(year, month, day, hour, minute and
date format), and the 
button to change its value.
• To put the settings into effect, press the
 button after setting the date
• Press the 
 button to redisplay the
Rec. or Play menu.
• Please note that the date and time settings may reset to the
default settings if the camera battery has been removed for
more than three weeks. Reset them when this occurs.
2/25/02, 2:44 PM