Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Basic Functions
Replay Mode (Detailed Display)
In detailed display mode, the following
supplementary information is displayed.
p. 67
p. 45
p. 66
p. 69
p. 72
p. 73
p. 49
p. 51
p. 65
p. 47
p. 58
Long Shutter Mode
Shooting Mode
Exposure Compensation
White Balance
Photo Effects
ISO Speed
Metering Method
Resolution (Movie)
Movie Length Shown on Movie Files
The following information may also be displayed with some images.
A sound file in a format other than the WAV format is attached or the
file format is not recognized.
JPEG file with format not conforming to Design rule for Camera File
System Standards
RAW format file
File with unrecognized format
• The image information may not display correctly if images
shot with this camera are replayed on other cameras or
images from other cameras are replayed on this camera.
• Histogram Function
The histogram is a graph that allows you to judge the
brightness of the recorded image. The greater the bias toward
the left, the darker the image. The more it trends to the right,
the brighter the image. If the image is dark, adjust the
exposure to a positive value. Similarly, adjust the exposure to a
negative value to darken a bright image (p. 66).
Dark Image
Balanced Image
Bright Image
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