Canon S330 User Manual (en)

 Shooting in Stitch Assist Mode
Stitch Assist mode can be used to shoot images, which overlap, and
which can later be merged to create one panoramic image on a
• To merge the images on the computer, use PhotoStitch,
one of the supplied programs.
Framing a Subject
The PhotoStitch program detects the overlapping portions of adjoining
images and merges them. When shooting, try to include a distinctive
item (landmark) in the overlapping portions.
• Compose each frame so that it overlaps 30 - 50% of the adjoining
image. Try to keep the vertical misalignment to less than 10% of the
image height.
• Do not include moving items in the overlap.
The overlapping seams of
several adjacent images can
be joined into a single
panoramic image.
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