Canon S330 User Manual (en)

• Compose the second image so that it
overlaps a portion of the first and shoot.
• Use the   or   button to check or
retake the recorded images.
• Minor discrepancies in the overlapping
portions can be corrected when the
images are stitched together.
• Repeat the procedure for additional
images. A sequence may contain up to
26 images.
• Press the 
 button to close Stitch
Assist mode.
• See the Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode (p. 76)
for the settings available in this mode.
• A custom white balance setting cannot be set in 
To use a custom white balance setting, first set it in another
shooting mode.
• The settings for the first image are used to take subsequent
images in the sequence.
• It is not possible to display images on the TV monitor when
shooting in Stitch Assist mode.
Second Image
Third Image
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