Canon S330 User Manual (en)

 Shooting a Movie
Use the movie mode to shoot movie clips. Select a resolution in the 
(Rec.) menu from the 
 (640 x 480), 
 (320 x 240) (Default) and
 (160 x 120) options (p. 47).
• Press the shutter button fully to start
recording images and sounds.
• During shooting the recording time (in
seconds) and a red dot appear on the
LCD monitor.
• Press the shutter button again to stop
• The maximum length of a movie clip (at
approximately 20 frames / sec.) is
approximately 4 seconds (
), 10
seconds (
) or 30 seconds (
according to standard Canon testing
criteria. These times may vary with the
subject and shooting conditions.
Recording will automatically stop when
the maximum is reached or when the
CF card runs out of free capacity.
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