Canon S330 User Manual (en)

Pausing / Resuming a Slide Show
• Press the 
 button to pause the slide
show. Press the 
 button again to
restart it.
Fast Forwarding/Rewinding a Slide Show
• Use the   or   button to display the
previous or next image. Hold down the
button to advance through the images
more rapidly.
Stopping a Slide Show
• Press the 
 button to stop the slide
show and redisplay the Slide Show
Selecting Images for Slide Shows
You can mark images for inclusion in slide shows 1-3. Up to 998
images may be marked per slide show. Images display in the order of
their selection.
• Use the 
 button to select
[Program] and the   or   button to
select [Show 1], [Show 2] or [Show 3].
• Use the 
 button and the   or 
button to choose [Select].
Display the Slide Show
menu (p. 86).
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