Canon S330 User Manual (en)

About Printing
This camera supports direct printing. By connecting the camera to an
optional printer or Bubble Jet printer (sold separately) that supports the
camera’s direct print function, you can send the images from the CF
card directly to the printer using the camera buttons. In addition, you
can have prints made to specification by a photo developing service by
sending your CF card with the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format ) print
settings set in advance on your camera.
Please refer to the System Map supplied with your camera for direct
print function compatible printer information.
DPOF Print Settings
• Select the images you wish to print (p. 107)
• Set the number of print copies (p. 108)
• Set the print style (p. 111)
- Standard/Index
- Date: On/Off
- File Numbers: On/Off
DPOF Transfer Order
• Select the images to send by email (p. 116)
Software that supports DPOF transfer order        
settings is required
CF Card
Digital Camera
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