Canon SD100 User Manual (en)

Single Images
Select images for printing.
As shown below, selection methods differ 
according to the options chosen for the 
(Print Type) settings (p. 134).
Use the 
 button to select an image 
and the 
 button to select the number of 
print copies (up to maximum of 99).
Use the 
 button to move to an image 
and the 
 button to select or deselect it. 
A checkmark displays on selected images.
You can press the zoom lever toward 
switch to the index mode (3 images) and 
use the same procedures to select images.
Press the MENU button.
The Print Order menu will reappear. 
Pressing the MENU button again returns to 
the Play menu. Press it again to go back to 
the Play screen.
Number of Print Copies
Selected for an Index Print